Types of Commercial Security Alarm Systems that You Should Know About

You are probably familiar with the security surveillance system that uses cameras to protect your property. But suppose you manage a high-profile security area like a financial institution, hospital, or research lab. In that case, you might need to try a commercial security alarm system to feel safe and secure in the building. With an efficient commercial security system, you can effectively catch people stealing. Alarm systems are highly effective in alerting the office manager and the employees of an intrusion in the building. They are of special use when there is no one inside the building. 



To understand this further, we will look at some common types of alarm systems in this article. 

Wired Alarm System

As indicated by the name, wired alarm systems use wires connected by landlines to transmit a signal to a recording station. This type of alarm system is highly stable, but due to its dependency on cables, it can easily be faulted during a storm or if the wires are cut from the reporting station. 

Wireless Alarm System

Wireless alarm systems are popularly used in video recording systems these days. These systems use sensors to transmit wireless signals from one place to another. 

Electric Current Alarm System

Electric current alarm systems rely on the power of circuits. In these commercial security systems, two circuit points are connected to each other, and the current is allowed to pass between them. If the circuit is broken, the alarm system is triggered. 

Unmonitored Alarm System

Unmonitored alarm systems are typically cheaper than other alarm systems. These systems are not connected to a response center. Usually, the alarm is physically triggered by a person or a mechanical device, and once triggered, the system relies on someone nearby to hear the alarm. 

Monitored Alarm System

This alarm system can belong to any of the previously mentioned categories. These systems are always connected to a monitoring unit. One example of this system is the home alarm system that sends an alert to the concerned authority when the alarm is triggered. 

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